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Welcome to Itoch Roofing - The embodiment of a vision that transcends the ordinary. We are not just a roofing company; we are a symbol of trust, reliability, and excellency.

The front doorway to a newly built house by Itoch Roofing

Our journey began over two decades ago in the heart of Chicagoland, sprouting from humble beginnings to serve the communities of southern Illinois and metropolitan Indianapolis. Our foundation is deeply rooted in the values of commitment, quality, and dedication we bring to every project. 

At Itoch, we see roofing as an art form. Each shingle laid, each nail hammered, is a testament to our passion for creating safe and comfortable homes for our clients. We've spent over 20 years mastering this craft, innovating with cutting-edge techniques and materials, but never straying from the touch of human care that makes every Itoch roof a masterpiece.

Our people are the essence of who we are. We are a family of talented professionals, united by a common purpose - to provide you with a roofing experience that surpasses expectations. Everyone at Itoch is dedicated to making your roofing journey smooth and satisfying, from our expert installers to our friendly customer service team. 

We believe in building relationships that endure, just like our roofs. Every client is a part of the Itoch family, a testament to our mutual growth and shared values. This principle has allowed us to foster connections spanning generations, which are the bonds we cherish most. 

So, why choose Itoch? Because when you trust us with your roofing needs, you don't just get a new roof, you get peace of mind, you get craftsmanship you can rely on, and you can join a community that values you.


Embrace the Itoch experience - where we don't just build roofs, we create a legacy of trust and quality because Itoch Roofing is: Your Shield Against the Elements.

A newly built house with the rooftop and masonry done by Itoch Roofing
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