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Welcome to the Masonry and Tuckpointing Services page of Itoch Roofing. Our expertise extends beyond just roofing—we also specialize in a range of masonry and tuckpointing services, aimed at maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetics of your building.

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Masonry is building structures from individual units, often laid and bound together using mortar. It's a highly durable form of construction, offering increased building strength, fire and weather resistance, and improved insulation.

Our Masonry Services

  • Masonry Construction: From brick walls to stone patios, our team delivers high-quality masonry construction that combines durability with aesthetic appeal.

  • Masonry Repair: Over time, masonry can degrade due to weather, wear, and other factors. We offer comprehensive masonry repair services to restore both function and appearance.

  • Masonry Sealing: To enhance the longevity of your masonry structures, we offer sealing services that protect against water intrusion and other damaging factors.


Tuckpointing is a process that involves the removal of deteriorated mortar from joints between masonry units and replacing it with new mortar. This not only improves the structural integrity but also upgrades the overall appearance of the masonry work.

Our Tuckpointing Services

  • Tuckpointing: Our team specializes in tuckpointing services that restore the integrity and aesthetics of your masonry structures. This process involves replacing old, damaged mortar with new, strengthening the structure and preventing water ingress.

  • Mortar Color Matching: When tuckpointing, we strive to match the new mortar's color to the existing one as closely as possible, ensuring a seamless and visually pleasing result.

  • Masonry Restoration: Sometimes, masonry work requires more than just tuckpointing. Our masonry restoration services may involve replacing damaged bricks or stones, repairing cracks, or other necessary tasks to fully restore the structure.

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At Itoch Roofing, we recognize the important role that masonry and tuckpointing play in preserving and enhancing your property's value. Our experienced team is committed to providing top-quality services that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let's start the journey to improving your property's structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

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